My name is Christopher Paré. I am a 25 year old disciple of Jesus Christ with a B.S. in pastoral ministry from Nyack College.  I first came to Christ when I was in second grade, was baptized in 2001, and received a call to ministry in 2004. I have been seeking out the specifics of that call ever since. I got married to my wonderful wife Katelyn in October of 2010 and our daughter Alice was born in September of 2011.

This blog will contain my thoughts on the New Testament scriptures as I read through them along with thoughts on various topics relating to Christianity. I have chosen the name for this blog to accurately represent both myself and my intentions. I do not claim to be a scholar, nor do I consider my thoughts to be the highest authority on the topic. I am “a” voice in the discussion and above all a “student” (and worshipper) of the triune God whom the New Testament is written to reveal.

This is a place for Christians to encourage and exhort one another, and the blog will be moderated to keep that purpose. Any slanderous, disparaging, hateful, or irrelevant comments will not be posted to the page.